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Monday, 21 December 2015


The place or position where a house or structure is built should be very carefully chosen and should comply with Vastu principles in every manner. For this, certain Vastu rules need to be kept in mind which is as follows:
  • The slope in the plot should be downwards towards the east or north direction
  • The east and north of the plot should have rivers, drains or lakes as this proves to be auspicious for its inmates
  • There should not be tall trees in the east or north direction as they prevent the sun’s rays from entering the plot
  • The plot should not have any valley or big pits adjacent to it
  • Tall trees, hills, ridges or mountains are considered auspicious if they are positioned in the west or south direction of the plot. This is because the sun’s rays are considered harmful when going westwards. Such structures in the west prevent these rays from entering the plot.
  • A temple with its entrance in front of the plot is considered very inauspicious. This is because a temple in front of the house would permit the divine power in the eyes of the idol would have terrible effect on the construction of the structure. If, however, if the temple happens to be on the opposite side of the road at a minimum height of 80 feet and if the buildings do not face each other, such plots can be purchased. 
  • A blacksmith’s shop, a laundry, cobbler’s shop, meat shop or people involved in illicit work, such outlets should not be opposite the plot
  • Workshops with mechanically revolving wheels, shops dealing in sharpening of knives and scissors or a big garbage plot, these too should not be in front of the plot.
  • The plot should not have dead ends around it
  • A water tank in the north east direction of the plot is very beneficial and auspicious. However, the same has adverse effects if it happens to be in the south-east direction of the plot.
  • The house should not have mediums which produce jarring sounds around it as these sound waves can have adverse effect on the structure of the plot. An electric power house in the south east direction proves to be very auspicious. But the same should not be present in the Northern side.
There is lot to tell about vaastu, I Dr. Puneet Chawla promise to give lot of information about vaastu for the prosperity in your life.

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